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Meet Emitations’ Women in Business Scholarship Winner


Emitations is not only passionate about jewelry, but we’re also passionate about education. We believe that education is important in a young woman’s life, which is why last year we decided to start a scholarship program to help one lucky student fund her higher education. We set up our Women in Business Scholarship to assist …READ MORE

Put A Ring On It—Just Not A Diamond One!

ring sticker

          Soon the days of wearing diamonds may be a thing of the past as we see more and more couples opting for cubic zirconia and other alternative stone engagement rings. Many shoppers we’ve spoken to over the years choose to forgo a diamond engagement ring because of their financial situation. …READ MORE

Color Your March With Aquamarine Birthstone Jewelry


Aquamarine is a great way to add color to your March and springtime wardrobe. After all, it is March’s birthstone and a great way to retire the dark hues of winter to brighten up your look. You can wear aquamarine clothing, but we recommend keeping it subtle by adding a splash of the color with …READ MORE

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

gifts for him

Valentine’s Day is the special day where guys from all walks of life pay respects to the ones they love with boxes of chocolate, teddy bears, and who can forget jewelry. Ladies, it’s time for us to step our game up and give our guys a little something to make them feel special too! It’s …READ MORE

Love In Bloom: Flower Gift Ideas That Won’t Wither Away

love in bloom 2

            Special occasions sometimes call for special gifts. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday, or some other celebratory event, flowers are a great gift idea that will put a smile on any woman’s face. Unfortunately, flowers only last for some time before they lose their beauty and have …READ MORE

70’s Inspired Trends You Have to Try!


Who can forget the style of the 70’s era—I know I can’t! The 70’s were a terrific time for fashionistas because of the wide array of colorful styles and designs that graced women during the time. Designs of the era were eye-popping and featured such designs as geometric circles, stripes, and color blocking. Bell-bottoms and …READ MORE

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