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As many of us are already aware, October marks the official kick-off of Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout the country. During this month many organizations collaborate in a very special effort to not only heighten and spread awareness about this terrible disease, but to raise funds and provide access to several types of services in hopes of helping as many people effected as possible. Every year national public organizations partner up with medical and government associations to inspire individuals to get involved and continue taking steps towards finding better treatments and ultimately a cure. Although great progress has been achieved in years past, the reality still stands that there is still much more headway to be made. The good news is that every person’s contribution, no matter how big or small, gets society as a whole that much closer to achieving the unthinkable. Collective research along with never ending hope is the key to unlocking a cure, and you can be part of that today.

On a national level, several amazing foundations are working hard everyday to educate people from all walks of life as to how they can get involved. Becoming a part of such a wonderful cause is a lot more simple than some may think. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, for example, hosts a variety of fundraisers, galas, and events not only in the month of October but throughout the entire year. They have several partners with whom they collaborate with to ensure they reach as many people in as many parts of the country as possible. Their website offers individuals a yearly calendar stating which events will be taking place and where. In addition, they offer the option for individuals to host their own fundraising event, with hope that more people will become motivated and thus motivate those around them to get involved. Similarly, the Breast Cancer Fund hosts events and fundraisers to help build funds. In addition, they pride themselves in providing women and men a compilation of information which details many preventative measures that individuals can incorporate into their daily routines to defend themselves and their loved ones from any potential harm, before the disease can take place. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is famous for organizing the 3-day, a 60 mile walk that takes place in several cities throughout the country. Thousands of women and men gear up in their powerful pink attire to raise funds, awareness, and plenty of hope.

Here at Emitations, we believe that getting motivated and getting involved is extremely important. We know that if it’s not you who has personally battled this awful illness, someone whom you hold close to your heart, perhaps a friend or family member unfortunately has. Often times, even the most subtle forms of awareness are inspiration enough to continue the fight, or perhaps to spark the desire to fight in another. Encouragement can take shape in many forms, a hug, a smile, a donation, whatever is significant to you. We at Emitations have chosen to get involved by touching the lives of individuals with our Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry collection. Our collection ranges from simple pink and silver pieces to brilliant CZ jewelry. Each piece in our collection has been named by our customers in honor of a loved one in their life who has in one way or another dealt with breast cancer. In addition, Emitations will donate 25% of the proceeds from our Breast Cancer Awareness collection to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We want to encourage everyone to get involved in helping the cause, so whether it’s signing up for a 3-day walk, donating a few dollars to your foundation of choice, or adding a touch of glimmer and hope to your outfit with one of our lovely and inspiring pieces of jewelry—we know that it all counts. Check out our inspirational Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry collection and become a part of something powerful. So what are you waiting for? Go pink and start saving lives!

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