September Sapphires + New Coupons!


September is here and it’s time for another birthstone highlight. This month we’re celebrating September birthdays with September’s birthstone—sapphire! Sapphire isn’t just for September babies though, anyone looking to add color to their look will love the vibrant color of sapphire stones. When it comes to color, sapphire stands out from the bunch and is one of our most purchased and sought after colors of CZ jewelry we have!

If you’re shopping for jewelry for someone special this month, give her the gift of a birthstone gem. It’s believed that birthstones bring wearer’s good luck & protection, not to mention they’re totally stylish! In ancient cultures, sapphire was believed to help bring balance to the body too. Today, sapphire is seen with all kinds of looks making it a versatile color to wear with just about any outfit.


Sapphire jewelry comes in varies hues ranging from light – deep dark blue—just like the famous engagement ring the late Princess Diana wore that was later given to Kate Middleton. In the traditional sense, sapphires are formed from the mineral Corundum and the color is a result of titanium & iron found in the mineral. The darker the stone the more expensive and wanted it will be, which is why when you visit a commercial jewelry store you may be shocked at the prices. Don’t worry though; we have great faux sapphire options that are just as bright in color at half the cost!

Sapphire is available in jewelry like bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. So, if you’re shopping for someone’s birthday you’ll be able to find an accessory they’ll love in different designs. Even the pickiest of them will appreciate an elegant sapphire tennis necklace that blings just like the real thing. Simulated sapphire options like our estate jewelry feature some of our boldest sapphire colors, so much so that they may appear to be black upon first look. Remember the darker the better! You’ll literally exude luxury & turn heads while wearing our bold options.

Sapphire jewelry is great all year long, so don’t think your gifted will be wearing your gift for just one season. Not only that, sapphire jewelry makes great bridal jewelry, so whether you’re attending a wedding or having one, sapphire is the perfect color to wear over a beautiful gown or white wedding dress.

You may be on a budget for your September sapphire gift, so why not save even more by grabbing an Emitation coupon code before you check out? We make it easy to get the best deal on your purchase, so much so that we update our codes every single month of the year! This month we have some amazing coupons to give you the best possible price on your jewelry purchase.

Take a look at our Emitations coupon code page for this month’s percentage off, free shipping, and clearance specials. Whatever you’re looking for this month, we have a coupon to get you saving while purchasing stylish jewelry. And who wouldn’t want to be stylish while saving at the same time!?

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