Sex & the City Style Jewelry

Sex and the City Jewelry

Relive all your favorite moments from the classic HBO television show Sex & the City with memorable jewelry from the show. Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, and Carrie will eternally live in our hearts as our four best girlfriends. These are not just any ordinary names, but our favorite gals from Sex and the City. Even after the shows eight year run (1998-2006), two blockbuster movies and continual worldwide syndication, our fans here at Emitations are still gaga over these ladies’ style and so are we! The signature jewelry looks that these ladies rock continue to keep our Sex and the City Jewelry fans decked out in the hottest pieces and we want to continue to offer the best matches for new and old fans alike.

We all have a little Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha personality traits, so why not throw on Sex and the City jewelry to match?! Who are you? Are you frisky underneath the sheets and everywhere for that matter? Then you’re definitely a Samantha—independent and fearless. If you are romantic in nature and always looking on the bright side then you’re a Charlotte. Miranda’s are a bit sassy, but have reason to be, they’re educated and sophisticated—and not just personality, but style wise too! Last, but certainly not least, Carrie’s embody a bit of all the ladies. If you’re Carrie, you’re passionate and romantic, and the center of attention. You’re a little pessimistic, but still hope for big love. You love designer things and are always laced in the most stylish of fashions. Whoever you embody be sure to dress the part with jewelry that will have you rocking similar New York City glam!


Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, you’ll love our fabulous Sex and the City inspired accessories. Sex and the City jewelry is smart and sassy with a touch of the qualities we’ve come to know and love about the ladies. If you want similar engagement ring styles find any of the rings given to the gals from the leading men of the show, Mr. Big, Aiden, Trey, Harry, and Steve. If you like unique pieces then you’ll love the black diamond halo engagement ring Mr. Big adorned Carrie with in the first film. If you’re classic like Charlotte you will love the emerald cut engagement ring that she received from Harry. The women who want something simple, yet sophisticated will love the gold wedding band that Miranda wears from Steve in the films. We can’t forget Samantha though… yes, she’s never been engaged, but she does know how to rock the heck out of a cocktail ring! Not to mention she did receive a very glamorous two finger flower ring from Smith Jared. Now you can own that ring and all the elegant engagement rings from the women of SATC with CZ rings and jewelry. These ring are not only beautiful replicas inspired by the TV show and movies, but also they are great jewelry pieces to wear everyday. The best part of these pieces and all the Emitations’ SATC inspired jewelry is that you won’t need a city size budget to enjoy them!

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